Borrowing someone else’s characters for awhile.

Hitting 25,000 words marked a good stopping point for my WIP, Lucky Penny.  Combined with a vacation, I’m still a few days from getting back to it.  In the meantime, it feels good to write someone else’s characters for awhile.  I’m a week out from a deadline (!) for a writing assignment of a different kind.  As mentioned previously, I got my start in fanfiction, a community that I still contribute to.  For the summer, the fandom I’m a part of has requested contributors for a ficathon.  Essentially, this is a time where all the writers and artists pick a topic and write something (anything!) and submit their work.  Later in the year, the collection will be sent out to all who contributed.

Will I ever be able to publish this work?  No.  Will I share it with other wonderful like minded authors?  Absolutely.

I’m enjoying the freedom of characters I’ve known for longer than any of my own.  10 pages in and not sure where this will end up!

What are your thoughts?

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