The (Sweet) Winchester cocktail!

I couldn’t sleep again.  Somehow, I came up with the idea last night that my [fictional] hotel deserved its own cocktail (served downstairs from Room 702 in the bar, Fringe)!  While the hotel might have seasonal specials, this would be the house drink.

To make your own Sweet Winchester, you’ll need the following:

1 rocks glass

Crushed ice (think pellet ice ala Mai Tai’s from Trader Vic’s for best results)

Bourbon (premium, but the house pours Rebel Yell, a nod to their ‘Wild West’ name)

Rose’s Lime Juice

Boylan’s Ginger Ale

Agave syrup

Mint leaves

Enjoy at the bar!
Enjoy at the bar!

Measure 2 shots of Bourbon (3 oz.) and pour into glass.  Add ginger ale to fill glass to 3/4 full, then add ice nearly to brim.  Splash lime juice and agave syrup to fill to top.  Garnish with mint.  Yes, essentially it’s a fancy Bourbon and Ginger Ale, but like the Winchester, it’s a bit unique!

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