The Creative Process

“When we tell stories about creativity, we tend to leave out this phase.  We neglect to mention those days when we wanted to quit, when we believed that our problem was impossible.  Instead, we skip straight to the breakthrough.  We tell the happy ending first.  The danger of this scenario is that the act of feeling frustrated is an essential part of the creative process.  Before we can find the answer — before we can even know the question — we must be immersed in disappointment, convinced that a solution is beyond our reach.   We need to have wrestled with the problem and lost.  Because it’s only after we stop searching that an answer may arrive.”

-The Importance of Frustration in the Creative Process, Jonah Lehrer

I stumbled across this quote and it resonated, so I thought I would share it here.  I’m looking at you, Muse for Lucky Penny.  Where did you go?  Please come back.

What are your thoughts?

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