My thoughts on Doha.

Art by Exploding Dog.

I almost wrote, ‘presented without comment,’ but I think it’s worth mentioning that where you live can have an impact on any number of details in your life.  When I saw this little comic, it spoke to me about my current living condition.  I am more fortunate than many people who work in this country – I have a chance and the ability to leave.  I have a passport that allows me to go and come as I please.  I have a partner who supports our family in this decision.  I have a set of job skills that are easily transferable.  Maybe it seems silly to blame a city / country for creating a certain level of resentment, frustration and genuine angst, but I am literally counting the days until we move (more on that later).

The one positive element about living in such a sad and stale place is the motivation to GET OUT.  I have been able (and again, lucky enough) to travel A LOT since moving here – mostly as a way to escape Do’hole for just a few precious days.  I’ve been able to leave once a month for the (almost) every month in the past year.

Have you ever lived in a similar place?  What did you do to cope?

What are your thoughts?

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