Is it just me?

Oh Bloggess…how I love you.  Not heard of the Bloggess?  Aka Jenny Lawson?  You are truly missing out.  In fact, run over to her blog and then come back to mine.  Her work is one of the most honest glimpses into a person’s life I think you can get (and it is a very refreshing thing).

Recently she posted, ‘Is it just me?’ a post about feeling hopeless, pointless and where lines are drawn in relation to personal success.  I am one of those people who is extremely difficult on myself.  I like nothing better than to beat myself up about stuff – insignificant details from the past, goals I haven’t hit and probably never will, events I should be attending, research I should be doing, books I should be reading, blogs I should be following up, places I should be going, the list goes on.  Maybe many of us are just hard wired this way.  Maybe it’s getting comfortable and accepting that editing 10-20 pages in a week and writing a book a year is enough.  That I should be celebrating the fact that, while perhaps not runaway best sellers, my books at least do sell regularly and that I tend to publish one a year.

Bunny shows an interpretation of my feelings.

The problem is, once I get started on a negative tangent like above, it’s tough to get off of it – made more difficult because of my nature to monitor my books and their success at multiple points during the day week.  Is it just me?  I’m sure similarities could be found in a diet and exercise or career advancement.

So, while I’m pretty sure it’s not just me, some days, it really does feel that way.


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