Book promotions…

…if I had an unlimited budget and was a wildly successful author.

I ran across this article yesterday which highlights Hugh Howey, author of the wildly successful Wool (and following novels, Dust, Shift).  The giveaway (in this case a well branded USB drive which contains content for all of the novels) was a brilliant one and now can be purchased for almost $20 via Mr. Howey’s website.  Had I the interest or audience, I would love to do something similar and in fact, why stop there?  Here are a few ideas I’d love to have the budget for.

Winchester Hotel room key (USB drive – hey – the article is what gave me the idea for this blog post in the first place!).

Branded w/Winchester Hotel and with USB, could be fun.

Another idea I had would be more difficult to deliver, but still fun as a giveaway for any conference, fair or event I never attend.  Who doesn’t like cool matchboxes?  Oh wait, maybe it’s just me.  Obvs, they would be branded in a similar pattern to the room card key.  Although there would be no direct tie in to my book, I would be able to include details for my website, as well as the title of the book and contact details on it.


And because I like booze so much As the minibar is a regularly featured fixture in the room, why not give away some branded mini bottles?  Because if you can’t beat em’, booze em’.  It would be fun to have a set of promotional materials to give out at a book signing.  First, I just need to finish up the print addition!



I’m sure I’ll think of more.

How about you, dear reader?  When was the last time you received a piece of marketing that encouraged you to interact with a brand (and perhaps even buy what they were selling)?  And for you creative types, any other suggestions?

What are your thoughts?

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