New word, good feeling.

a61afbc592613433e6e613251be8a404Although I recently posted about ‘is it just me?’ I then stumbled across a word like above.  Take for example – the fact that in less than a month, I’m going to do a flight around Mount Everest.  Vorfreude would be the feeling I get when I think of being on a national morning talk show, signing into my Amazon account to see that I sold 100 books in a day, logging into any form of social media to see a glowing review of any of my books, book projects I have ideas for but haven’t started yet, a sequel to a book I’ve been anxiously awaiting, seeing friends I haven’t seen in awhile, meeting friends’ babies for the first time, getting to know old friend’s spouses and partners, traveling somewhere new, revisiting old favorite places…it’s a long list.

What gives you vorfreude?

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