Celebrity endorsement.

I was trolling for a book similar to mine on Tumblr and happened upon an image of its cover that appeared in the Instagram of a C list celebrity persona.  Naturally, I was jealous.  Then, I started thinking, who would be the best fit for Room 702?  Of course, I would love someone in the stratosphere (A List) to be actively involved with my book somehow, but even in a fantasy, the possibility seems a bit unrealistic.  Although still in the realm of unlikely, as for most effective, I would be happy with anyone (celebrity or otherwise) that had a large following on Twitter or Instagram to be interactive with Room 702 (I’m looking at you, Aziz Anazari).  However, if I guess I had to choose one celebrity that I would most like to be involved with my book, I would have to choose one of my celeb crushes, the lovely Ms. Emma Stone.

I think Emma represents someone who is approachable, humorous, but also well traveled.  While she doesn’t entirely embody the demographic I’m aiming for, I think she’s very close to it.

Emma Stone
She’d actually be holding a tablet to read the e-version, but I couldn’t pass up this image…

So, Emma, if you’re listening/reading/stumble across this – I’d be happy to send you a free copy of Room 702!  Also, if you’re interested, I’d love for you to be the voice for the audiobook.  I’m not obsessed, I promise.

And you, dear reader, who would best represent your brand, book or self?

What are your thoughts?

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