Frustrations of the editing process…

…or, when one picture disrupts 168 pages of editing.

You might look at the below picture and wonder how it could force me to step back, look at my existing draft and think, ‘Well, shit…I wish I would’ve thought of this or seen it earlier.’  For the WIP I’m presently getting through, I saw this picture this morning and knew it was going to cause some rewrites.  The thing is, the idea this image prompted is SUCH a better fit than what is currently in place, I really have no option other than to go back and rewrite.  In the end, I know it will make my book that much better, so…back to page 111 to start correcting!

da15befb636fb06b0c7426ccb72fb774Above image by Thomas Thiemeyer is entitled Road to Samarkand.

How about you, reader?  Have any late moments of inspiration that have caused you to wish you could go back in time?


What are your thoughts?

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