Travel Tuesday: Other thoughts on Copenhagen.

It has dawned on me that I travel quite a bit and maybe other people would find my notes helpful!  Maybe I’ll be able to remember some other recent trips and share my thoughts about them.  Who says I always have to write about writing?

So, as mentioned in the previous post, we were supposed to go to Nepal, but due to bad weather, decided to opt for Copenhagen instead.  I immediately took to my usual places for apartment rental:  AirBnB, VRBO, Trip Advisor and Roomarama.  Had it just been Hubs and I on our own, we probably would’ve opted for either Avenue or Hotel Kong Arthur (maybe for another visit).  However, half the fun of traveling with friends is actually being with friends and apartment vacation rentals are much more conducive to this.  Either way, we found a perfect 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom (very difficult to find in Europe) complete with a crib and toys.

The overnight flight wasn’t that bad – Dreamliner + very few passengers = make your own lie flat seat.  Each of us managed a few hours sleep and were met by Anna for an early check in (8:30AM) at the apartment.  Crashing for an hour or two, we showered and headed out to explore.  While I trust any person going to Copenhagen would hit the usual sources for the top tourist things to do and see, I wanted to highlight some of the specific neighborhood delights:

Hatoba Sushi

The first night, still tired from our overnight flight, we decided to dine in and given there are limited opportunities for good sushi in Doha, unanimously opted for Hatoba (found via Just Eat).  True story, the lady thought we were ordering way too much food.  In reality, we ate everything except some of the edamame!

And many noms were had.

Halo Salon

Once we secured reservations to Noma and had a look at the forecast (one of our days was heavy with drizzle), I knew I needed a trip to the salon.  Fortunately, there was one right across the street!  I stopped in during the morning and made an appointment for the afternoon.  One hour and perfect highlights later, I was glad for the appointment.  The prices were a little steep, but within reason.

It doesn’t look like much from the front, but great highlights inside!

Foodshop no. 26

Essentially right across the street was our ‘local’ coffee shop which we visited each morning.  While the apartment did come with a coffee maker, we branched out to buy from this store.  Not only did they have coffee, but I tried the ginger lemonade (a treat) and we had a few pastries from the shop (also very good).


& Other Stories

While not as close as the others, this women’s store was a delight!  I ended up buying an awesome tote bag, new shirt, make up brush and very cool new ring.  I could’ve spent A LOT more money in this store.

Run, don’t walk.
Tres cute, yes?

I think my last recommendation would be what we deemed a ‘side dog’ (a holdover from the side pretzels to be found all over Istanbul).  We found one right around the corner from where we were staying and they make a perfect any time treat.

Copenhagen_iconic_hot dog_wagonstand
Made of yum.

And a word to note – don’t visit the Carlsberg factory – it’s a complete waste of money!  Save your funds and head to the Heineken Experience in Amsterdam!!

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