8 things every happy woman (apparently) should have.

IDK, I saw this posted elsewhere and thought, ‘easy blog post.’  I may do a similar post tomorrow.

1.  A go-to drink.

(alcoholic) Trader Vic’s Original Mai Tai (what are calories?).

(non-alcoholic) A tie between original full fat Coca Cola (can take me out of Atlanta, but some ties remain) and a fresh Lemon mint juice.

2.  A go-to Karaoke song.

Say It Ain’t So, Weezer

3.  A uniform

If I had my way, I would wear jeans, ballet flats, a t-shirt or some single color shirt and a scarf.

4.  A hairsylist she loves.

I had one.  She was great – she came to my house and gave me great color and would even cut Hubs’ hair.  Too bad she lives in Los Angeles.  😦  And I haven’t lived in the States in 6 years.

5.  An exercise routine.

If I’m motivated, the week will consist of 5 visits to the gym during lunch, 1 or 2 sessions of kickfit, 1 or 2 sessions of Physique 57 and additional walking.

Notice I said, ‘if I’m motivated’ – ask me how often that happens.

6.  A happy place

At home w/Hubs watching our favorite shows. Sitting outside on the deck of my childhood home.

7.  Things she’s grateful for

Hubs.  Creativity.  Awesome friends around the world.

8.  A healthy sense of self

Well, it’s something I’m always working on.  If I could only get my active brain to shut down at night and block out the ‘what’s the point of writing if you haven’t sold any books, just stop already’ thoughts, I’d be in a much better place.  Fortunately, those days only happen one day a week or so – 1 out of 7 ain’t bad!

What are your thoughts?

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