This, that and some added pressure.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks.

I’ve posted on my friend’s new website, and Room 702 FINALLY landed an article on Room Critic (one of my biggest ‘gets’ and an article I had pinned a lot of hopes on).  While I am INFINITELY grateful that someone took the time to read my book and post about it (for free) and had nothing negative to say, I had foolishly believed this would translate into book sales.  Cut to: sad Ann.  I did not wake up to a single sale.

So, given the, er, ‘whelming’ reaction, I decided to go to the next level…paying for advertising.  In this case, and as a first test, tweeting to the audience of A Luxury Travel Blog.  Why them?  Mostly due to the a) time of year and b) number of impressions.  As of today, ATLB has close to 292,000 people following it.  For my funds, I get three tweets.

Now, it’s decision time:

When should I tweet?  I know I want to tweet the week after / around American Thanksgiving.  Why?  People are online, buying gifts and I want to push my book as a present.  However, how much is too much?  Other than Sunday morning (which, through other forms of social media, seems like an appropriate time to post), I’m not sure when else.

What to say exactly?  Links to the book, obviously – however, as the book seems to be selling only in the UK, do I post the Amazon link?  iTunes?  My website?
Content?  The logline?  A quote?

First try (clean, limited, matches the ‘tone’ of the other tweets.)

#Room702 One hotel suite. One year. Many stories.

And I still have 68 characters to go.  And I should probably use my Twitter handle.

#Room702 by @ABenjaminAuthor One hotel suite. One year. Many stories.

This leaves me with 49 characters.

Need a gift for your favorite traveler this season?  #Room702 One hotel suite. One year. Many stories.

Leaves only a scant 15 characters for (hopeful) retweets.

Argh.  I’ll get there.  One day.  Soon.

Maybe I should have worked out the tweets before sending that PayPal payment through.

Advice welcome!

What are your thoughts?

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