The point of returning books is…?

Other than logging into my Amazon, BN and iTunes accounts every day and seeing a big 0 in the sales column which happens regularly so I’m better at dealing with it, the second worst feeling is when people return my books.  Now, I’ve been on a REALLY good streak.  The last month I had a returned book was September.  It’s a small thing, but one fact I am proud of.  Yes, I am appreciative of weird things when it comes to my books.

Cut to: this morning.  I log in as always and find that some intrepid consumer bought one each of my YA books, then returned them.  Net gain of 0.  Day not quite ruined, but certainly the last thing I want to wake up to.  In this instance, I wonder, how did you accidentally buy all of my books and then return them?  A person would have to click the ‘buy book’ option four times, and then go back on their purchase.  And to make things worse, the books in question retail for $0.99.  What’s the point?

Ron Burgundy makes me feel better about the situation.

What are your thoughts?

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