In which we try Instagram.

I think this is a good thing.

So, as I am approaching being an Old, I’m quick to adopt some trends, but others seem to pass me by.  I still don’t get Twitter and while I had joined Instagram, my account only has 4 photos (2 of which were posted by my sister).  Ironically, it was while I was on Tumblr, that I happened across the ‘hotel tips’ Instagram account (someone I follow had reposted a particularly gorgeous picture).  I contact those who run the account and asked if they would give Room 702 some coverage.  While they weren’t able to do it for free, the price was reasonable and within basically a 3 day period, I was able to get the above image posted.

When I got a snap of the picture, there were 433 likes.  In the time it took me to get this post together, that number rose to 453.  Will all of them buy the book?  Of course not!  However, I think this is more what I had in mind for when I spent the money to tweet with the Luxury Travel group.  With the paid tweet, the interaction level was quite limited.  While more ‘eyes’ technically might have seen the tweet, I like the visual element of Instagram.

I’ll follow up tomorrow or the next day with the (hopeful) bump in sales.

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