Book Review: Life in Hotels.

Having written about a fictional hotel, I’m always on the look out for books about hotels.  Released late in 2013, I somehow managed to miss Life in Hotels by Mr. M Martin until recently.  The novel is a near opposite to mine – focusing on two people (almost exclusively) and the places/hotels their relationship takes them, rather than the many couples and configurations that make up the guests of Room 702.

Sexy cover is sexy.

This book immediately swept me in.  I was only to the second city when I had already mentally cast the couple of David and Catherine (I’m nearly certain the author had David Gandry (drool) in mind when he was writing and Catherine I pictured as Kate Beckinsale).  I don’t want to give much more away, but I would encourage anyone with a love of travel and character study to give this book a try.

I would only make small changes (the awkward attachment to labels and couture is a bit obnoxious as is David’s rather overeager, explicit and random fantasies that go nowhere), but other than those minute details, I found the story engaging and heartbreaking.  I’m actually looking forward to another read and would definitely by whatever Mr. Martin comes up with next.  I can honestly say, if you like Room 702, I would highly recommend Life in Hotels.

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