Free e-book (success) story to date.

So, I made the decision to list my book, Room 702, for free (have you downloaded yet?  Go for it!).  I did this for a number of reasons, but mainly, it was the last thing left (short of dropping serious bucks) to raise awareness for my struggling title.  In signing up for KDP Select, I focused on a day that would get a lot of traffic from my various groups across social media.  I ended up deciding on my birthday.  Knowing from previous free listings that it can sometimes require a day or two to gain traction, I set my free listing for 4 days (3/16 – 3/19 – and still have the option to add an additional day).  With my dates in mind, I then contacted some companies that help promote free days on Amazon (I would guess I spent about $50 all in).

And then I held my breath.  My initial goal was to crack the Top 100 in free e-books on Amazon.  I wanted this mainly for the exposure – as a reader, I rarely look past books in the Top 100.  When my book climbed to #113 yesterday, I got excited.  When it was in the 50s when I went to bed last night, I was pumped.  This morning, I peaked at #24 #22, I was completely ecstatic.  Currently, there have been 7442 downloads – 10K is my hope.  With still almost two full days left, I’m not sure if the book will continue to rise, or fall.  Additionally, I’ve not started receiving any reviews (positive or negative) and am anxiously waiting to read what people think of my book.

It’s been an interesting ride so far and I’m hoping that it translates to some real sales this weekend.

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