Catch and Release.

While the movie was apparently not well received by critics and audiences, I did like Catch and Release the first time I watched it.  In approaching ongoing researching for my current manuscript, I thought it deserved another viewing.  (Don’t worry, I’m reading books to – my research is not limited to just movies).

I enjoyed the film just as much the second time.  There was a great supporting cast (Kevin Smith and Juliette Lewis, I’m looking at you), the setting made me want to move to Colorado (could be because I live in a completely opposite city) and I liked how things focused on the ‘after.’  While my story picks up a little later in the grieving process, Jennifer Garner’s portrayal of Gray gave me a number of things to think about for my own protagonist.

And if this film isn’t for you – just watch it for the Olyphant/Garner kiss – it’s one of the steamiest on screen smooches I’ve every seen.

Gave me things to think about!

Additionally, perhaps my favorite line (and awesome moment of humor) comes from Gray (in regards to an apology for something that occurred at the wake), “Yeah, if it wasn’t for you, that would have been one great day.”


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