Positive reviews (KDP follow up).

Definitely time for a happy dance!

So, it’s been about two weeks since my great KDP experiment.

I had a few concerns going in – and the biggest was, ‘Will people like my book?  Will they get it?’

And now I have my answer – yes!

While it’s not for everyone (yes, there are a lot of characters – I get it), many readers are responding positively to my book.  I’m up to 22 reviews (with 12 of them being 5*).  I’m not sure what I was expecting, but the feedback has kept a smile on my face.

I also wondered, ‘will this lead to additional sales?’

And the answer is also – yes!

While I’m not selling buckets of books, things have been steady.  I’m also receiving continual adds on GoodReads, which I take as a great sign (not sure why Room 702 gets a lot less love on Shelfari, but that’s true with my YA books as well).  Not sure what comes next – but thus far I’m optimistic with where things are headed.

What are your thoughts?

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