Effect of the environment on writing.

I moved countries over three months ago.  In that time, I’ve started a new job, got my apartment sorted, reconnected with old friends, began writing a new novel (coming up on 50K!) and even managed to jot down a few short stories.  I’m not sure what my mental state was in Doha, but now that I’m looking back, I know it wasn’t anything good.  To further drive this point home, this morning I looked at my sleep app (I use Sleep Cycle) and happened to review statistics from the previous months.  There has been a significant jump in my sleep quality since moving.  It’s not just that – I simply find myself being in a (nearly constant) positive state of mind.  I’m not sure how this directly translates to writing, but even if it’s something as simple as a placebo effect – I’ll take it.  I like it when I’m excited to work on a project.  I like it when the words come easily.  I also like driving on roads that aren’t super aggressive.


Where do live?  Have you ever lived somewhere that had a negative impact on you?  How did you break free?


What are your thoughts?

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