Book review: Farewell Trip.

In my ongoing review of grief books, I struggled this week to get through Farewell Trip.

Good parts?  At first blush, it’s a creative take on the widow story.  I enjoyed the use of first person.  There was a clever title (the dead husband is named Trip).

The bad?  Neither the protagonist nor the dead husband are particularly lovable.  Like, they are kind of terrible people (they both cheated on the other, but neither would admit to this).  I also think, even as someone who loves expletives in her own life, the use of the word ‘fuck’ is well overused.  Awkward, stilted writing between the various timelines doesn’t help the story, it considerably hurts the flow of the novel.

The weird?  The marriage didn’t strike me as particularly solid, good, or worth writing about.  The couple, who are childless – by choice – have some fundamental issues about communication (on everything from career, to affairs to having children).  And since one of the characters is dead, there is no way to resolve this issue.  Additionally, the book actually calls out and sort of knocks on P.S. I Love You, which got me wondering – am I allowed to do that?!

I forced myself to finish – not really caring what happened to the widow and not seeing resolution of any kind.  There were some really lovely moments, but not enough to overcome for the awkward story.

I’ll also put this books on the list of, ‘This was traditionally published?!?’ and ‘It took two people to write this?’


What are your thoughts?

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