1 Year: Room 702.

So, it’s been one year since I released Room 702.

As you might be aware, things did not go how I thought they would.  I didn’t have the sales I expected.  I did not reach my goal.  I did learn a lot, but I’m stuck wondering how to feel.  Do I feel successful?  Yes and no.  My last minute effort to trigger book sales (the KDP Select free e-book dates) was in line with my ambition and the feedback I’ve received for the book is almost all positive, but my sales are much (much!) lower than I expected them to be.

What happens next?

Honestly,  I don’t know.  When I first published, I thought, “I will give this book a year and then let it go.”  And now, I don’t know.  I have a few things lined up, but is a year enough time?  Didn’t I get into this knowing that it’s about the marathon and not the sprint?  Does the book have enough momentum to carry itself?  Isn’t there time to market Room 702 along with my six other books and work on my new projects?  Another part of me says I should at least carry on until I break even.  Additionally, given that I’ve actively thought about this book every day for over a year, marketing the book is a difficult habit to break.

Either way – I feel I should say, “Happy Anniversary, Room 702!  Thanks for all that you’ve taught me.”

FinalCover - smaller res

What are your thoughts?

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