When Ann travels…

This is how I roll!

Given I tend to make 2-3 long haul RT long haul trips a year, I’ve got my routine down to a bit of a science.  Although I usually am fortunate enough to fly business class, I do make the (very) occasional coach class flight – and I’m looking at a 13+ hour flight tomorrow with Emirates to Boston.  Fortunately, I think the world of Emirates and there’s no one else I’d rather be making the flight with.  I’ve secured my favorite seat (first bulkhead, directly in front of the bulkhead = no one behind me) and have fingers crossed that seat showing next to me will remain open so I can spread out.  So, what does my carry on contain?

1.  First and foremost, my Beats.  I hate most noises, so these are essential for cutting out most sounds.

2.  Ear plugs – yup – I double up!  You never know when the screaming baby is going to be seated near you, so I pack these just to be safe.

3.  Disposable socks (an unused pair usually left over from a previous flight).  Put on over socks – discard after flight.

4.  Hand sanitizer.  Sharing germs for that many hours?  Seems necessary!

5.   iPad mini loaded with books.  I never know what I’ll feel like reading – so, I have 5-6 books to choose from.

6.  Eye mask.  Although my entire flight tomorrow is during daylight hours, I might want a snooze.

7.  Pack of Kleenex (for inevitable spills and needs that arise).

8.  Spare shirt (for when I arrive).

9.  Fleece jacket/pashmina.  It can get cold, or I can use my jacket for a pillow.

10. Laptop for writing.  I usually manage a decent writing session on these types of flights.  I’m hoping for a little over 2,000 words tomorrow.

11.  Podcasts/relaxation app.  Sometimes you just want to zone out.  Podcasts are perfect for this, as is the Pzizz sleep app.  Even though it’s very rare for me to sleep while sitting up, the Pzizz app is a great way for me to kind of zen out for as long as I want (you can set the time that you want it to run).

12.  E-gate card (I skip those lines whenever possible!)

Keep those fingers crossed for an upgrade tomorrow!!!


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