In case you didn’t know – at will find out what thinks of you, your friends or anything!  (I did this with my real name as well and was pleased with the results).

Googlism for: Room 702

room 702 is a luxurious junior suite at a fictional hotel
room 702 is not for them
room 702 is a collection of short stories and little dreams that weave a rich world of whimsy and undercurrents
room 702 is a double
room 702 is supposedly inhabited by a ghost
room 702 is an easy read
room 702 is where john lennon and yoko ono held a week long “bed
room 702 is next to the american corner on the
room 702 is a double double suite at the roger smith hotel
room 702 is said to be haunted and there have even been images captured of this ghost
room 702 is on the corner and has a great view
room 702 is amazing and the outdoor terrace is perfect to enjoy and
room 702 is the north
room 702 is beautiful
room 702 is a good family sized room?
room 702 is a great room great views and very large and comfortable
room 702 is nice and quiet and right by the pool

Okay, so not all of them make sense – but I think most have to do with my book.  Whoo-hoo!

I’m hoping to get back to real posting soon.  I have an exciting meeting with another author I met through my book next week!  She is coming to the Emirates and I’m super excited.


What are your thoughts?

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