Writer’s Retreat!

This past week I was lucky enough to meet up with a very important out of town guest.  A bit of backstory…  The lovely Dr. Elena Sandovici and I have been corresponding ever since she wrote to me about my book back in February.  She is the author of Dogs with Bagels and a  talented water colorist.  While she teaches in the States, she often spends summers in Europe (much closer to the Emirates).  When she suggested a visit to my warm shores, I was delighted!  It’s funny to correspond with someone for so long and then finally meet them.  Some of my favorite things I learned about Elena?  In list form, please!

  1. She types one handed!  I was in awe of this fact.
  2. She speaks 5 languages.
  3. She is a wonderful person to talk about characters with.
  4. She knows her way around the La Mer counter!
  5. She has great fashion sense – I’m still jealous of the red dress she bought!
The authors thinking about their characters at sundown.

As an author, and especially a self published one, it’s been wonderful to connect with another author going through a similar process.  The ups and downs – the little victories.  I’ve enjoyed this growing friendship immensely.

Hoping we meet again soon!

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