Book Review: Tiger Lily

Maybe at this point, you’re wondering, will Ann ever read a book she actually likes?  Enjoys?  Loves?  The answer is yes!

Now, stop what you’re doing and go download this book.  It’s a mega steal at $1.99.

What can I say?  Even though it’s technically ‘YA,’ this is one of the best books I’ve read this year.  First of all, it takes a bold author if you’re going to tackle a well known set of characters and already created world.  Fortunately, Jodi Lynn Anderson excels in fleshing out Neverland and its various inhabitants.  I don’t want to give too much away, but Ms. Anderson’s presentation of the relationship Tiger Lily and Peter Pan is so heartrendingly perfect, I had some tears at the end of the book.  When I got to the last page, I not only sent out recommendations to friends, but am desperate to see this adapted as a film.  Park aside a wonderfully crafted POC protagonist and a unique faerie narrator, the supporting cast also shine. I will literally never watch Peter Pan the same way again.  Enough gushing – just stop reading this and go start the book already.

Stop. Do not pass Go. Buy this book.


Tink totes has her reasons for doing this!  Get out of the way, Wendy bird.

What are your thoughts?

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