Shows I Love: Playing House.

Given that it’s usually over 100F+ during the summer in Abu Dhabi, I often find myself indoors during daylight hours.  And during those hours when I should be writing I watch TV.  Like many people, once I find a show that I like, I tend to binge watch.  A recent favorite that I am eagerly awaiting another season of is the fantastic comedy Playing House.  There are all kinds of humorous shows out there, but Playing House really hits the sweet spot for me (think, the best parts of Scrubs, Happy Endings and Gilmore Girls).  The writing is fantastic, the friendship and chemistry between the characters is palpable (real life friends Jessica St Clair and Lennon Parham are have serious funny cred) and supporting cast are all memorable.

Putting aside above, I love love love (!) how romance takes a back seat.  I love that two female characters are just friends – living life as best they can.  Neither are perfect (nor do I want them to be).

These ladies is my jam.

Anyway, my love for this show was completely cemented when they dedicated an entire episode (appropriately entitled Drumline) to a marching band reunion.  One of my favorite comedians, Jason Mantzoukas, (among others) plays a former flame and guest star.  Being I am a former band geek, this was literally the best 22 minutes of my life.  It was if the episode was written specifically for me.

Oh, I do know.

Anyway, this is all to say that I sincerely hope the USA network renews this utterly fantastic show.  And if you haven’t already, watch this show!

What are your thoughts?

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