A copy of Room 702 now exists in the real world!

While writing Room 702, I always had a chapter written in another language in mind.  As I have zero language abilities (besides English), I wanted to find someone to write a chapter in something other than English.  After my mini writers retreat the fabulous Ms. Elena Sandovici (author of Dogs with Bagels, and speaker of five languages), I felt she could be the right person for the job.  I asked, and she said yes!  Now, given all the travel I’ve been up to this summer, I kind of forgot about this conversation.  So much so, that when I logged into Createspace and saw that (gasp!) the first print copy of Room 702 had been sold, I immediately went into a panic (why, I still don’t know).  For some reason, the book didn’t feel ready (even though it’s been out and available for months).  When I learned it was Elena who had the book and that she was using it to research where her chapter might fit in, I felt infinitely better.

Yes, I need a copy of my own, but it’s a happy thought that the one current copy in the world is with a good friend.  I look forward to her contributions to the book!

Looks pretty, doesn’t it?

What are your thoughts?

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