Book Review: Hidden (including spoilers)

Another book where the husband dies.

Another book where the husband cheated.

While I genuinely enjoyed the presentation of this novel (told through the vantage of the husband, wife and mistress), once again, I wonder why the husband in so many of these novels has to have some extracurricular affair.  And why it takes only his death to have this information come out.   Although no one in this novel is perfect (far from it), the concept of ‘did they do it?’ is a better presented storyline than most.  I actually feel terrible for the wife – not only is her husband dead, he’s also been emotionally (and physically) cheating on her for the past year.

The good?  Realistic experience of spouse passing (especially in the immediate after situations).  The supporting cast (who I actually liked a lot more than the main characters).  Given his chapters, the husband has a decent chance to be represented in the novel (rather than an abandoned afterthought).

The bad?  Awkward changes in narration.  Whiny characters.  Characters that are not distinctive.  ALSO, WHY DOES THE HUSBAND ALWAYS CHEAT?  Basically, I feel like this book is just a big #firstworldproblems adventure.  I wanted a little more substance (and need to inject some into my own projects).

Would I recommend?  …  Depends.  The dynamics of the book exist solely because of the love triangle.  In fact, if you take out the element of the affair, the book wouldn’t be able to exist.  Still…there is something there that kept me turning the pages.

Would I read another of Catherine McKenzie’s books?  Most likely, yes – if the synopsis was interesting.

The thing is, I love the cover.

What are your thoughts?

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