What to do next?

Mostly, I just wanted to use this .gif

I am putting the proverbial cart before the horse, but find myself fast wrapping up an edit of a project (Fates II, you continue to haunt me), which leaves me with the inevitable, ‘what do I work on next?’  With limited time and a few projects, I’m debating what my next steps are:

1.  Edit the rough draft of the Untitled Road Trip manuscript (that I finished in June).  Somehow, it doesn’t feel like I’ve had enough ‘space’ from the story.  So, I think it’s going to stay in the drawer a bit longer.  Although I want to publish it next year, I think the project needs a bit more time to percolate in my brain.

2.  Transfer the Fates project into Scrivener.  This will be a fairly heavy undertaking as I have no looked at the book in over a year.  Yes, moving things over should be relatively easy, but my guess is that I’ll find stuff I want to edit while I’m moving things around.  Also, I’m fairly certain the chapters (or at a minimum, the chapter lengths) need work.  This is probably what I’ll end up doing.

3.  Finish my Lucky Penny manuscript (stuck at about 35K words).  It would probably take until the end of the year to finish.

4.  Start another manuscript (most likely, Untitled Book Club project).

5.  Just write fanfiction.

6.  Do nothing but read and exercise.  Tempting, but no.

What are your thoughts?

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