A visual representation of my (partial) domain.

We had a presentation this week at work from LinkedIn.  In a group of 30+ I was named as the earliest adopter of LinkedIn (and it would not surprise me to be among the earlier adopters among people for Facebook and Tumblr).  Why?  I’m not sure exactly, but writing YA has always forced me to go where my fans are. Anyway, one of the more interesting things discussed was the ‘map’ of who you are connected to.  I’ve found that, by choice or not, I seem to have very distinct spheres in my life (which is clearly demonstrated below).  I am Courtney Brandt – employee, YA author, fanfic writer, Brookwood grad, UGA grad, former employee, daughter, sister, wife of Hubs, Ann Benjamin.  Each of these titles comes with its own group of friends which fulfill and complete my life in various ways.

TL;DR – I love having lots of different tribes!

The world according to Courtney.

What are your thoughts?

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