30 stays challenge.

Clearly, I’ve been in a bit of a funk about my life regularly posting on this blog so it seemed time to switch things up be even lazier. The below challenge popped up on my twitter feed over the weekend and I thought, ‘Perfect!’

Bw1VmhcCEAA1h4kFirst trip outside my own country?

I’m not sure if the Caribbean (a Disney cruise) counts – which I say because I didn’t need a passport.  To me, ‘outside my own country’ implies recognition of actually going to another country – hence, mine is the United Kingdom!  I was 19 18 and it was my sister’s senior spring break trip.  I went with my Mom and sister to London and Paris.  It was cold, it rained and one of the thing I remember most is the Offspring Americana album being promoted in all the Tube/Metro stations.  Looking back, it’s silly how little I knew about travel – but you have to start somewhere!



What are your thoughts?

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