Best hotel freebie. #30stays

Fantastic question – and fully revealing one of my biggest nerdy traits -I LOVE SAMPLE SIZE TOILETRIES!  I am in nothing short of heaven walking into a hotel and finding all the bottles and tiny packaging.  In fact, nothing frustrates me more to walk in and find things in large pots that I cannot take home with me.  While I’m not Ross from Friends, I do tend to take anything I don’t use home with me.  If you look under my sinks (or stay as a guest in my home), you will find quite a variety of shampoos and conditioners.

However, I think the straight up fanciest products I ever walked away with were the lush Hermes treats from the Sofitel in Macau (I still have the soap case).

While these days, Hubs and I tend to opt for AirBnB – I am therefore always looking forward to my next hotel stay and know I won’t be let down at the Shangri La Boracay.

Ooh la la…

All that being said, the best freebie I ever got was the idea for a novel!  A night (when I couldn’t sleep)  at the W brought me the idea of Room 702.  It doesn’t get much better than that!


What are your thoughts?

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