Reason I Travel Alone. #30stays

Oops, I kind of skipped this one.  Yay for my reading comprehension skills!

I used to travel alone a bit more for work.  Now, it’s on a pretty limited basis.  This is mostly because I love traveling with Hubs.  Why would I go somewhere and experience a new place without him?

Anyway, I do have a great (recent) example of traveling alone and how much fun it was.  Through some mechanism or another, I went to the States for work.  Business class flight by yourself for 13 hours?  Pure delight.  Meeting your mom at the end of the flight?  Even better.  Having your sister roll one you’ve arrived in town?  Yes.  Solo train travel from D.C. to New York?  Perfect.  Meeting an agent about one of my books?  Top 3 days of my life.  Watching the musical Newsies?  Geeky heaven.  Drinks with a long time virtual friend?  Yes, please!

The author in repose (Georgetown, Washington D.C.).

In a 9 day period I managed to fit in visits with a lot of family (always a treat for a long time expat) and spend a lot of time on my own.  I found my way around two cities I’d never been to.  I was on my own schedule.

Would I have been able to do this trip with Hubs along?  Of course.

Did I have a sense of accomplishment without him?  Yes.

Now, I’m hopeful for another work trip to the States later this year and while it would be fun to once again return and do it all again by myself, I really do hope Hubs is able to join.

What are your thoughts?

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