Place I visited at the wrong time. #30stays

I could take this question a few different ways – was I in a place at the wrong time in my life, or the wrong time of year?


There were a few hints of a recent trip to Istanbul that could have gone the wrong (soldiers everywhere!), but I think the place I most visited at the wrong time was Amsterdam, December 2001.  There were a lot things that went wrong on this particular trip to Europe, none of which the least was getting high for the first time in the middle of what felt like an actual riot for New Year’s 2001.  I didn’t have the right clothes for cold weather, we barely found a place to stay and I swear we walked around more than half the city.  Firecrackers seemed to be lit haphazardly and magnums of Heineken seemed to be spraying everywhere.  When we finally made it back to our room, I passed out for 13 hours.

download (2)

The experience was so upsetting that the very first thing I did upon getting back to school was plan for a belated New Year’s party.  Thus, one of the most memorable parties of my college career followed what was certainly a city I now love, but visited at the wrong time.

What are your thoughts?

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