Best person I met on holiday. #30stays

I had to think about this question for awhile.  To date, travel (for me) has been about traveling with or towards friends and family.  However, I managed to come up with two – one of which I’m still in touch with (and walked me down the aisle this summer).

1.  Frank – the best friend of my brother in law, Frank was a great addition to my trip to Barcelona last year.  He was a great host and, as the Best Man to my Maid of Honor this summer, I was glad we had the chance to meet before his BFF and my sister married.

Jumping is a thing I do. And force others to do.

2.  Our bartender in the Maldives who’s name I have consequently forgot.  On an all inclusive package, he was exceptional in providing Hubs and I with lots and lots and lots of drinks.  His positive and laid back attitude really helped make our relaxing trip even better.


What are your thoughts?

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