Favorite road trip. #30stays

I’ve been fortunate enough to have a few great and memorable road trips.  In fact, I love road trips so much my current work in progress is all about one.

1.  Favorite high school road trip

We’ve already established I’m a band geek. While many an interesting memory occurred on these rides to and fro across the great state of Georgia and beyond (the crushes!  the singing!  the completely inappropriate activity!), probably my favorite and the most random had to be on the way back from winning the state football championship (a major upset!  Go Broncos!) my junior year.  Because the last game was so late in the season (December 21st?), a lot of the band had already left for various holidays and vacations.  The rag tag team that was left did their best.  I think this trip stands out to me because it was such a perfectly definitive marching band bus trip…  Inside jokes would mean nothing here, so I’ll leave this as is.

2.  Favorite adult road trip

While a recent race through the French countryside with Hubs and a good friend does come to mind, I think the most life changing one was with Hubs (then boyfriend).  After graduating from UGA, Hubs had a job lined up in Southern California.  We packed up our college apartment (of which, none of the furniture made it back across country), put our cat in a carrier and drove from my parent’s house in Atlanta to a scorching day in the Valley, California.  We listened to Harry Potter and Steven King on audio tape.  One of the tires towing my car went flat.  Our moving van and car got blocked in at a random hotel in Texas!  But still… We made it!  Somehow in that trip we started leaving our young adult selves behind and started the path towards adulthood (not that we’re there yet).

To drive on my next road trip.

What are your thoughts?

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