Most mind blowing place I’ve spent the night. #30stays

While my previous post about favorite hotels does highlight some of my favorite rooms, it’s still difficult to pick just one.  The Maldives was incredible – literally perched above the gorgeous waters of the Indian Ocean.  Banyan Tree Al Wadi was straight baller – the villa was bigger than our apartment!  However, and I’ve made reference to this before, I think the most ‘mind blowing’ place I’ve ever spent the night was during my time on the American Orient Express.  Literally, in a train car on a small twin bed in a tiny cabin, on the train tracks directly next to the Pacific Ocean (outside Santa Barbara).  What makes my train life special is that I was able to spend the night in places that few will ever get to spend the night.  Sure, there were nights in some pretty dodgy train yards, but there were others spent on siding in a beautiful location.  I miss you GLR crew!

What are your thoughts?

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