2 thoughts on “Place Everyone Loves But I Hate. #30stays

  1. Dear Ann,
    I’m sorry you have such a dim view of London. I’ve visited there countless number of times and found it more than historically exhilarating! If you go down to SoHo and find the Jazz Club there, you’d love it (it’s practically and all niter with great sounds…it’s a hoot). There is a wonderful restaurant on Tottenham Court Rd…called The Kingsley Carvery (all you can eat and drink for a narrow price…four different kinds of delicious meats…Ye Olde pancake house called My Old Dutch (yum yum). And to top it off, you should get a Evans Tour to Hatfield House…where you enjoy a night of eating and drinking at the Elizabethan Banquet…jolly people everywhere around you. (Next time you get tempted to go, let me know…I’ll be your guide lol)
    C. David Williams

    1. Thanks for the kind offer and excellent suggestions! Maybe my 6th time will be lucky. 🙂 As Hubs is a huge LFC supporter, we’re hoping to get to Anfield at some point in 2015.

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