The notes hath returned…with bonus review!

And they were not as bad as I thought!  I even made someone else open them first because I had been dreading them so muchThank you Elena!

First, the good news.  They are nowhere near as bad as I thought they were going to be.

The bad news?  I really should’ve done this at the beginning.

I’m trying to look at this situation glass half full – that is, I can update the book never mind the print version.  As permanent as anything is, I can still get the best version of the book online and this can be accomplished well before my next novel is published.

Additionally, whether or not these notes from my copy editor are genuine, I’d like to think they are:

I love this book. I know I am not alone wondering about the details in others’ lives. This novel gives your reader snippets of the private day-to-day goings-on of our fellow humans. And you covered a vast majority of life’s dramas and rarely repeated any, giving the reader a capsule of real life.

I even like the cliff-hangers where the reader is never told what happened afterward. The most vivid one that comes to my mind is of the date rape scene, but there were others. First, it allows me to imagine my own ending. Second, it confirms real life in that sometimes the public just doesn’t know the inner workings, never finds out the “why” or “how” sometimes.

You did an especially wonderful job making these characters fully 3-D and in just the one to five pages allotted to each chapter. Well done. Best wishes with this book.


I’m hoping to finish an edit of my current manuscript and then focus on getting the corrected version of Room 702 available.


What are your thoughts?

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