Television Review: Forever

When I learned about the premise for this show, I was understandably interested and a little upset.  Forever is about six episodes into its first season, and I must say that I approve and am enjoying it so far.  I invited forced Hubs to watch with me, and he is also a fan.  Dealing with immortal characters in a modern setting is a curious thing.  The protagonist in the show chooses a medical route (to discern why he can’t die), which seems in character and provides a great set up for him working as a medical examiner (in where else? New York City!).  Ioan Gruffudd portrays the lead character, Dr. Henry Morgan, much as I do with Ayah.  There’s a sense of humor, a bit of nostalgia, and a healthy dose of pretension.  In fact, Dr. Morgan and my Ayah have so much in common that in the opening scene of the pilot I was pointing and shouting at the screen.  While my character does have people working, trying to understand why she’s unable to die, Ayah is not fixated on death (or causes there of).  The character fixation of the doctor is never one I considered for Ayah.  She’s less interested in her many deaths, and more obsessed with who caused her situation.

I do hope this show continues, however, the ratings and reviews don’t look particularly promising.  This is unfortunate, because I’d really like to see how they unpack his immortality, the causes behind it and the shadowy antagonist (who’s been alive for a lot longer).

The show is not as intense as this picture.  Also not pictured, Dr. Morgan’s ubiquitous scarf.

What are your thoughts?

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