My book for 2015!

Sometimes an idea for a book just drops into my head…I love it when that happens!  With a few unwritten book ideas, I wasn’t exactly sure which project I was going to tackle next year, but this idea (working draft title, The Queen) is taking over most of my free time – I can’t wait to start officially working on it.

After a bit of a disastrous Friday night, I had a strange dream involving Prince Henry.  The following night yay insomnia! I started thinking more about the British monarchy, which probably doesn’t make sense to you, but in my weird brain followed some internal logic.  Anyway, long story short – I’m going to be working on a YA steampunk novel next year.  In these very early stages, I’m coming up with the little bits and pieces that will be fleshed out into a 60K word story.

Thus far:

– a unicorn

– Love interests

– World building

– developing a good reading list of other books in the genre

– creating a well rounded protagonist

– debating first vs. third person


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