Respective Works (2005 – present)

Kind of a late night project I thought of – I wondered what I wrote and when.

  • The Line (2005)
  • Fanfiction Project (2005) – I list this because it was 80,000 words, which is definitely novel length.  Apparently 2005 was a busy year – I was also 40,000 words into an unfinished fanfic project.
  • Keeping in Line (2006) – yes, I wrote the 3rd book of the series second
  • A Fine Line (2006)
  • The Line Up (2006)
  • Confessions of a Teenage Band Geek (2007)
  • Take One! At Mulholland High (2007), co-written with Susie Gray
  • Major Pain (2008)
  • Fanfiction Project (2009) – another one to note as the final word count was 80,000+
  • The Fates I (2010)
  • Room 702 (2011)
  • The Fates II (2012)
  • Lucky Penny (incomplete) (2013) , 25,000 words
  • Life After Joe (2014)
  • The Queen (projected 2015)

This does not include another 100,000+ words (!) in smaller projects, short stories, etc.

Also, whatever I was doing in 2005/2006 seems to have really been a good time for me creatively.  I’ve never been able to come close to hitting that level since then!

What are your thoughts?

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