Facebook experiment: Ads.

As a Christmas gift to myself most years I invest some money in Facebook ads.  It’s not an every day thing, more of an experiment – some funds just to see ‘what will this accomplish?’  I don’t remember doing this last year (most likely I was busy moving countries, a poor excuse, I know), but I’m glad I spent money this holiday season.

In addition to my YA ad is outpacing Room 702 (no surprises there – the audience was a bit bigger), this year’s experiment has made me realize the next time I launch a book or do a free book sale on Kindle, I’m definitely going to involve some awareness on Facebook.

The thing I like best about Facebook ads is how specifically I can tailor who sees the ad.  I’m pretty particular about my demographic and it’s easy to deliver it straight to them.  I also have a heap of images I know will attract my audience, so it takes almost no time to create a successful ad.  The marching ad this year is doing so well ($0.07 per click) that I’ve extended once and might do so again.

Are the clicks actually translating into book sales?  Not specifically.  However, as with Room 702, sometimes I’m okay with just raising awareness.  I know, probably not the best marketing plan, but it’s still fun for me to throw everything at the wall and see what sticks (and review all the demographics and pretend to understand them).

What are your thoughts?

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