The quest for the right cover photo continues.

Sadly, the image I wanted for my cover does not have model release rights, so I’ve been searching high and low over the past month looking for a replacement.  Most of my photo query search terms have revolved around a woman on a road trip.  I’ve recently branched out to a woman with a map.

Enter, this image.  Although you do not know the ins and outs of the book, the manuscript is focused on a young widow.  I literally laughed out loud when I saw this photo, because it’s so inappropriate for my little fictional world.  In the context of my book, the model seems to be saying, “Hey dead husband, why’d you have to go and die?  Could you BE any less thoughtful?  Also, I’m lost.”

You look like a nice lady.

This one was also close.

If only you were not sans pants… 😦

And a final one to make me laugh.

There’s something about the facial expression of the model… Too smarmy? We cannot have a smarmy widow.

Sigh.  Back to my search.

What are your thoughts?

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