Another reason I love fanfiction.

Being an author of multiple books, every day there is the chance that someone, somewhere, will crap on my work (the optimist would also say there is an equal chance that someone will love my work, and that does happen sometimes, but the majority is bad news or no news).  I never know what kind of day it will be when I go looking for things.  Given the overwhelming negativity towards published fiction, the world of fanfiction is such a wonderful breath of fresh air in my life.  And before you go looking down on fanfiction, honestly, I will take the positive energy and reviews any day. Genuine comments cost nothing and can only make a person’s day.  Furthermore, when reviews come from other authors you admire and respect, it makes these messages even better.  Fanfiction gave me confidence and is still a place where I can write without being judged.  I can post short stories or more long form adventures.  I can cheer on others as I watch and read what they do with beloved characters.  As I have now passed the ten year mark of writing fanfiction (!), I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

What are your thoughts?

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