December Reflections: 15 Years Ago (aka Second Hand Embarrassment)

Oh no.

19 year old Ann was not in a good place this time 15 years ago.  Booted from my job as a Resident Assistant through a series of misunderstandings involving the exact whereabouts of my person while ‘on duty’, I was in a seriously weird state.  In retrospect, sophomore years have never been points of strength in my life.  I liked a boy who didn’t like me back but sort of did, but was really just dealing with a lot of his own shit.  I was in a formative place with my future college besties.  I was doing a very bad job of letting things go with my high school boyfriend.  New Year’s Eve (Y2K!) was an even more bizarre occasion.

If I had the chance to go back and talk to my sophomore self, I would tell her to spend of her hard earned money and audition for Spirit of Atlanta or Carolina Crown.  Or travel.  Or don’t worry about those stupid boys.

Let’s just say that thank God December’s have only progressively gotten better since then!

What are your thoughts?

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