RIP Adam (and thoughts on virtual friends).

TL;DR: I lost someone important to me…someone I’d never met before.

I never actually knew Adam.  From the earliest days of my writing he was a champion of my work – cheering me on and chatting with me about my characters of AIM (yup, that old gem).  He was wonderfully weird and felt deeply about things.  Ten years younger and a world apart from me, we led different lives and our overlap began to stretch when I moved overseas.

Yesterday, via social media, I learned he had passed.  I looked at my small screen in shock.  I then began digging through past entries on various social outlets and thinking back to the last conversation we had.  Could I have done more?  Why did I let our friendship lapse?

The thing is, there are lot of people we interact with virtually.  People we have never met and may never meet.  The thing that was different about Adam was that I fully expected to run into him one day and share a meal or a beer with him.  I have a list of people that I regularly think of and hope the best for.  I think this incident was a wake up call to be more active with all my friends – virtual or present.

And, even if we are not close, dear follower, please know that I am ALWAYS around to listen.


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