Am I Good Enough? (No, I don’t think I am).

The Emirates Airline Festival of Literature (EAFOL) takes place every March in Dubai.  I went the first two years and enjoyed the lectures, and even attended a course (not that I thought it was particularly enlightening).  I did not attend last year, mostly because I think we were still getting settled in Abu Dhabi.  This year, I’m really looking forward to a number of the presentations – the even is well run and attended and hey, getting a bunch of people together who enjoy reading and writing is kind of my jam.

As I began looking through the program and noting which events looked interesting, one jumped out to me: Quick Pitch 1.  This is a session with a literary agent.  As I’m firmly in the camp of self-publishing, why would I need to meet with an agent?  Furthermore, is my stuff even good enough to go in front of this guy?  What if he tells me my ideas are crap?  Why am I stopping myself before I start?  I have all of the prerequisites required (first 5 pages of a manuscript, synopsis and blurb), so which book should I pick?  Why am I hesitating?  Why, after writing 10+ novels and publishing seven books do I not have the confidence for a five minute session with someone who’s opinion I don’t have to take?



Fortunately, I have some amazing people in my life, who both in no uncertain terms told me to just go for it.

I just need to sign up.

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