More cover shot sadness (and additional potential).

Still trying to find that mystical perfect image for Life After Joe.  I had the idea it might look nice if there was a woman’s hands holding something (yeah, idk, just something that came to me).  Using the searching terms woman holding urn, I got this magic picture.

In what universe would this stock image be used? How did I even find it?

I also managed to come across this sweet gem.

Ma’am, you and your fish need to please get out of the road. #kthxbai


However, the search continued and I found these two (one of which I did a mock up cover for – don’t worry, I would use a professional) (find the original image here).

Covermockup1And this one:

Too moody? Too sad?

And just today, I found this on Pinterest…

Too dramatic?

The struggle continues.


What are your thoughts?

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