A good idea from my girl crush Anna Kendrick.

 I don’t usually watch or follow celebrity beauty trends, but when I happened on this NY Times article on my girl Anna Kendrick, I had to admit, I read the entire thing. (Shout out to Intuition razors!)  Anyway, this part of the article jumped out to me:


­I like to buy a new fragrance for each film. I’ll go out in the city where I’m filming and snap it up. The one I have for “Into the Woods” is Terry de Gunzburg Flagrant Delice, which I bought in London. But the one I’m wearing now is Orange Flower and Lychee by Kiehl’s, which is from “Happy Christmas.” I was feeling nostalgic. That’s the thing about fragrance: Memory is so attached. I also love buying fragrance for special times in my life. Like maybe if I got engaged, I’d buy one.

There’s something really wonderful about this idea.  Not that I’m out filming movies, but I think the next time I start a book (or maybe, at the time I’m publishing) I’ll pick out a new scent, just for that novel.

What about you, dear reader, do you have a signature scent?  Or do you buy perfume or cologne for certain occasions or periods in your life?

What are your thoughts?

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